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Why www.vlachs.ro?

 The Vlachs are attested in the sources since the Middle Ages as living in smaller or larger communities on the territory of nowadays Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic .

 The scholars have always dealt fragmentarily with their history, without anyone ever attempting an overall survey. The Greek historians limit their interest to the Vlachs in Greece and neighbouring Macedonia, the scholars in the successor states of the former Yugoslavia restrict to studying Vlach presence in the Western Balkans, while Slovak, Czech or Polish researchers address only those Vlach communities in their respective countries.

 What is missing is a unified perspective that would embrace both the Vlachs in the Balkans, as well as those in the Western and Central Carpathians. We consider such broad approach to be fundamental for an adequate understanding of the Vlachs’ history and significance in the Central and South Eastern European context.

 Regardless of their geographical location, the Vlachs appear to have in common a number of attributes. For a start, let’s just list sharing the same ethnonym, their main activity – the sheep breeding, and a characteristic law governing them – the jus valachicum. Whether there are more such similarities or diverging features to be found, we invite you to discover them together in the pages of this project.


Project’s objectives:

 1. To prepare a comprehensive reference list of the scientific literature on the Vlachs, irrespective of the author’s nationality or the language his work was published in.

 2. To accompany this with a commented bibliography that would indicate the main ideas and contributions of each publication.

 3. To draw an encyclopaedia of the Vlachs – Vlachopedia – equally destined to the larger public interested on their history, but also to academics, to whom we hope it might bring a real intellectual challenge.


Project’s principles:

 1. www.vlachs.ro respects and asks its contributors to respect all opinions and theories on the Vlachs’ origin and identity.

 2. www.vlachs.ro rejects any nationalistic motivated approach.

 3. www.vlachs.ro is intended as an open project, which is subject to constant improvement.

 4. www.vlachs.ro understands to promote and maintain the highest scholarly and professional standards, as it endeavours to transcend cultural and disciplinary boundaries.

 5. www.vlachs.ro seeks the collaboration of all specialists concerned with the history of the Vlachs, regardless of the region or the period of their interest.



 Distinguished scholars, we take great pleasure in inviting you to join our project. It is our belief that your active participation increases the chances of developing truly useful research instruments for the academic community.

 We look forward for your contributions in every stage of our project, and ask you to send all materials to the following email address: info@vlachs.ro. Naturally, we are opened for any suggestion you might have.

 We hope this project will allow for a better understanding of our mutual preoccupations and each other’s scientific results, and will thus contribute to move forward the field of Vlach studies.

 The Team of www.vlachs.ro


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