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The Bibliography on the Vlachs is an open project that is constantly updated, aimed at offering all those interested a useful research instrument.

It includes all scientific contributions, regardless of the field of study, the period covered, or their intrinsic merits. Consequently, the reference list comprises historical, linguistic, and ethnological studies, as well as editions of published sources, descriptions and voyage accounts, and even political statements. As www.vlachs.ro does not intend to pursue any kind of value judgment, but solely to signal the ample existing literature to the academic community, it is left at the discretion of each user to assess the particular significance of the cited materials.

The first stage of this project consists in providing the standard bibliographic details for every work: the author’s name, title, publisher or journal it appeared in, place and date of publication, page numbers.

Gradually, these will be complemented by a short description for as many titles as possible, without any pretense of exhaustiveness. Rather then being formal book reviews, their purpose is to introduce the potential scholar to the work’s content, in order to facilitate the research path.

Wherever this was possible, we have added a link to the database or web page where the online version of the referenced work can be read and/or downloaded. www.vlachs.ro specifically and resolutely excludes any guarantee or liability for the content of or changes to such links, and dissociates itself from any illegal contents on such web pages. All resources hosted outside www.vlachs.ro domain are governed by copyright policies dictated by their respective owners. Access to and the use of the external websites and any information gained therefrom is the sole responsibility of the user.

The bibliography is alphabetically ordered by author’s name or, in the case of collective volumes, by the name of the editor or by that of the first author mentioned on the title page. If no indication of the author exists, the work was registered by the first content word of the title itself.

Since the contributions to Vlachs’ bibliography come from so many different languages, which use particular signs to represent specific sounds or even different alphabets altogether (Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croat, Czech, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latin, Macedonian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Turkish, Ukrainian) the following rules have been followed in compiling the entries:  

- All titles written in Cyrillic or Greek have been transliterated into Latin alphabet. Despite our efforts to be consistent, errors of transliteration might still be present in some cases; we would appreciate any feedback that would enable us to mend them.

- The pages of this bibliography are distributed according to the 26 letters of the standard Latin alphabet, with neighbouring letters I, J and U, V, W joined together for ease of consultation. In the case of special characters present only in a group of languages, the names starting with one of these have been registered under the Latin letters from which they are derived: Č and Ć under C, Đ under D, Š and Ş under S, Ţ under T, Ž under Z etc. For instance, Đurđev can be found under heading D by clicking the respective button.

Alternatively, the search function allows searching by the author’s name or by any keyword present in the title.

www.vlachs.ro plans to scan and make available for download for private, noncommercial, and scholarly use only as many of the titles as possible, conditioned by obtaining the copyright, where applicable.

If you would like for your works to be available online and agree for us to legally upload them on our web pages, please email us any such contribution (preferably in PDF format) together with your written consent. Whenever technical difficulties might prevent you from sending an electronic version of your work, please substitute it with a photocopy of the original material and we’ll arrange for it to be scanned and processed.

We also look forward for any contribution that might enhance the present bibliography on the Vlachs: new titles, amendments to the already existing ones, abstracts of the referenced works, links to online content etc. We are opened for any suggestion that would help improve the quality of this project.

You are wholeheartedly invited to join in and become a member of the www.vlachs.ro team!


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