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Zafiris, Christos – Valkanios pramatevtis, Athina, 1998.

Zbuchea, Gheorghe - Autohtonia şi continuitatea românilor timoceni, in Faţetele istoriei. Existenţe, Identităţi, Dinamici, volum îngrijit de Tudor Teoteoi, Bogdan Murgescu, Şarolta Solcan, Editura Universităţii Bucureşti, 2000.

Zbuchea, Gheorghe – Destinul istoric al românilor din dreapta Dunării, Analele Universităţii Spiru Haret, Istorie, 3 (2000), pp. 25-39.

Zbuchea, Gh. – Mişcarea pentru drepturi naţionale a românilor din peninsula Balcanică la începutul secolului al XX-lea, în Contribuţia românilor la îmbogăţirea tezaurului cultural în Balcani, Bucureşti, 1991.

Zbuchea, Gheorghe – O instituţie sud-est europeană: stratioţii, voinici, viteji. Încercare de istorie comparată, Analele Universităţii Spiru Haret, Istorie, 2 (1999), pp. 117-140. The article proposes a discussion on the development of the Byzantine institution of the stratiots (free peasants bound to military service). As the Ottoman Turks assumed many Byzantine institutions, this one is to be found in the form of voynuks. The same institution also existed in the Serbian state. A similar organization is attested in the Romanian principalities north of the Danube, with “voinici” mentioned in Wallachia and “viteji” in Moldavia. Analyzing the edited sources, the author shows that the voynuk institution was common to Vlachs, from Thessaly to the Danube and into Croatia . (Marius Diaconescu)

Zbuchea Gheorghe - O istorie a românilor din Peninsula Balcanică în secolele VIII-XX, Editura Biblioteca, Bucureşti, 1999

Zbuchea, Gheorghe – Românii timoceni. Scurtă istorie / Rumuni u timočkoj krajini. Kratka istorija, Editura Mirton, Timişoara , 2002, 184 pp.

Zbuchea, Gheorghe – The Istro-Romanians. Notes regarding their Historical Past, Analele Universităţii Bucureşti, Istorie, XLIX, 2000, pp. 3-15. The article offers a summary of the history of the Istro-Romanians, as it reviews the interest shown towards them by the Romanian scholars, and the struggle of the Istro-Romanian elite for its establishment and acknowledgement as a political minority from the early 19th century until the present day. (Marius Diaconescu)

Zbuchea, Gheorghe and Dobre, Cezar – Românii timoceni, 3 vols., Editura DC Promotions, 2005. Vol. I, Românii timoceni. Destin istoric şi documente, 256 pp. The first part of this volume represents a historical sketch regarding the Romanians in the Timok valley from the Middle Ages until present day, with special insistence on the efforts to be recognized as a national minority in Serbia in the 20th century. There are edited 14 documents covering the period 1918-1945, most of which come from the Archives of the Romanian Foreign Office: memoranda, reports, and proclamations about the Romanians in the Timok valley. Vol. II, xxvi + 202 pp. After an introductory study on the autochthonous character and the continuity of the Romanian population in the Timok valley, the authors publish 16 documents, mainly reports from the years 1925-1946, concerning the situation of the Romanian minority in Bulgaria and Serbia. Vol. III, xxiv + 188 pp. The introduction consists of a paper read by Cristea Sandu Timoc in Prague in 1998 on the Romanians in the Timok valley. The following 21 edited documents and articles on the Romanian minority in Serbia cover the period 1912-1941. Most of these had been drafted at the end of World War I and during the Paris Peace Conference. (Marius Diaconescu)

Zdrulla, N. – Mişcarea aromânilor din Pind în 1917, Revista Aromânească, vol 1, nr.2, Bucureşti, 1929, pp. 162-168.

Zografski, Danco - Krusevska republika, Skopie, 1948.  

Žudel, Juraj - Vývoj osídlenia Slovenska od počiatkov valašskej kolonizácie do konca stredoveku (The development of settlement in Slovakia from the beginning of the Wallachian colonization to the end of the Middle Ages), Archaeologia historica, 1988, Vol. 13, pp. 7-15.


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